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Virtual Relationships Become REAL!

It was two years ago that I was interviewed by Thiago Desouza for his podcast, Business Access. It was such a fun and easy conversation that Thiago and I kept talking after the podcast was over.

We discovered that we both share a passion for people, the planet, and yes... profit too. I learned that he and his wife, Maria, were expecting their first child. What to name the little girl? From my office in Southern California, I looked out my window to Catalina Island and suggested, “Catalina”. It worked!

From then on, I sent this soon-to-be-born child her first stuffed animal and a baby blanket. It was followed by other little items that parents with a newborn might use. In return, Thiago decided that he wanted to help me make my videos more compelling but asked for no fee because I was now “family”.

Check out my home page and you’ll see Thiago’s creativity at play. Or here is just one of the YouTube videos we made to give ideas how to build your resilience muscle. In these examples, you’ll see how Thiago uses his great creativity to make the ordinary extraordinary. Is there any wonder that I say he is my “brother from another mother"?

Catalina will turn two years old on February 19. I’ll sing to her on Zoom. And one of these days, I will actually get back to DC to see the three of them in person. Yes—we have developed this wonderful relationship virtually!!!!

Here’s the point. Never doubt the power of your face and your voice to make critical connections. Don’t be off-handed and curt in virtual platforms. Who knows, you might find a brother (or sister) from another mother!


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