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Weather or not: Whether or not

For the past 5 years, the hills above my Orange County, CA home have stayed a dusty, drab brown. Rain has been but a distant memory and succulents have replaced colorful plants. My lawn has been decimated to a concrete patio with 2 small flower beds.

Weather or not we got rain doesn’t seem to matter. After all, this is a desert state. Rains have finally come in but the reality is, we are foolish to forget the need to conserve water. It is, after all, a finite resource. I love the deep green hills but I also know that I must not ignore the reality of a precious water supply.

What is amazing is how resilient the hills are. Despite five years of little moisture, just a small sprinkle unlocks the seeds below the cinnamon-colored ground. Grass springs out in all its verdant glory.

Rain reminds me of love. It takes such a little bit of love to turn a lonely, dusty soul into a budding human, green with possibility. The question here is whether or not you extend it. Today, more than in my memory, we need to extend that love to as many as we can — not just the people who look like us or believe like us. Best of all, love is a bottomless well. Unlike water, it can be tapped over and over again and with use, extending love and kindness seems to enrich the giver. We all become green and growing.

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