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Ah--the word-merchant, lil' ole me, has now entered the world of blogs. I know the techie definition of BLOG, but to me it means Build Leadership on Good Stuff.That's what I intend to write about--building leadership. That covers many dimensions: self-leadership, leading others, leading a life that balances work, relationships, and contribution, and fun. Sometimes I'll make observations that lead me to see something in a new way. Sometimes I'll share interesting information and research. I'll discuss work/life integration practices. And other times, I might just be throwing rotten tomatoes at practices that fly against reason, good taste, and ethics. Be on the lookout. Better still, please consider adding my site to your RSS. That's a way for you to get the blogs through a reader. They're free. And yes--do comment back. I'll answer just as soon as I can. Look forward to our conversations!


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