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Where would you like YOUR Goof Plate?

Just talked to my wonderful graphic designer, Cathy Rodriguez, who can take my words and turn them into the most fun, original slides.  But she was not having fun this morning. Electricians who cut a hole in the ceiling for lighting had made the hole much bigger than the lighting fixture. However, they said, "No worries. We will send you a goof plate to cover the extra space." "Goof plate?" We just had to laugh.  I can't believe there really is such a thing! Talk about planned failure for less-than-perfect work. Then my devious mind began thinking of all the other uses we could have for goof plates. How big a goof plate would we need for Congressional leaders who have dug  so big a hole that I am not sure they could ever cover it up. (Of course, I think they are just covering up for all the bad decisions they have made in the past.) How about a goof plate for managers who promote their friends and then have to cover up for shoddy leadership skills? Or a goof plate for the Dodgers? (Just follow the saga of the McCourts and you'll know how goofy the entire thing really is) Heck, I could use a goof plate for my cakes that fall and icing has to fill in the gaps. What would be YOUR uses for a goof plate?

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