Work-Life Balance Key to Office Morale

A new attitude research company Sirota Survey Intelligence has released findings that correlate work/life balance with employee engagement. Their survey, which questioned 300,000 employees, found that employees with a reasonable balance between their personal and professional lives have more pride in their companies and are more willing to recommend their employers to others. Of those surveyed, 73 percent were positive about their work/life balance. Among that group, 89 percent rated their company favorably (as opposed to only 58 percent of those who were negative about their work/life balance), and 91 percent said they were proud to work for their employers. In addition, 88 percent said they were willing to recommend their company as a place for others to work. According to the survey, work/life balance isn't all about how heavy of a workload an employee bears. In fact, the study found that employees who report having "too little work" were 25 percent less satisfied with their job than those who reported having "too much work to do." One more thing to think about: SHRM Magazine in December reported on a Towers Perrin survey. Companies with the highest percentages of engaged employees increased operating income and earnings per share. Companies with the lowest engagement percentages saw declines.


The survey found that it is senior leadership and the extent to which employees believe senior management is sincerely interested in their well-being. Well being includes work/life balance as well as a demonstration of superb communication skills.


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