You Can Improve Your Own Job Satisfaction

Stuck in what you believe is a boring job? Are you receiving great benefits and pay but aren't feeling challenged anymore? You’re not alone. The latest Towers Perrin survey indicated that more employees want good stress from meaningful work—not little work! You can't always look to your employer for job satisfaction. You can make some changes to make your job and your workplace more exciting and more challenging. Here are some tips to get you started: Educate yourself. Sign-up for adult education or college classes at night that are related to your work. Learn new software or take a management class. Offer to mentor a new employee. Work with your manager to start a mentoring program for new employees. Show them the ropes, introduce them to staff, give them a tour and an overview of office hierarchy. Take on new tasks. Find a willing co-worker and ask your boss if you can swap a task or tasks with them. This cross-training will make you more valuable on the job and decrease boredom for both of you. Ask to move to a new team or project. If you've learned and contributed all you can where you are research the possibility of making a lateral move into a new team or onto a new project.


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