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The Resilient Energy Connection


The Resilient Energy Connection

Have those days in which you get up and say, “Good God, Morning!”  Or go to bed at night so tired even your crow’s feet hurt? Or find yourself irritable, short-tempered, and utterly exhausted? These are symptoms that burnout cannot be far away. In fact, you might be flaming out!

This program invites you to examine what gives your energy and what depletes it.  You’ll never think of energy in the same way again. Forget OPEC and prices at the pump. Human energy is a priceless commodity.

A Work/Life Integration Program

Participants will learn:

  • How to discover your own reservoir of power and purpose with five actionable tools.

  • How to drill down into your own internal well of possibilities.

  • A new formula for E=MC 2. When it comes to energy and the capacity to do work, discover how to get it, renew it and stop giving it away.

"The reviews are just in from the Los Angeles County DPSS Managers’ Conference and as you must already know, you provided a stimulating and thoughtful message to our Managers. Your humor and passionate delivery engaged over 500 of our managers to take a fresh look at themselves and their jobs. We appreciate your helping to make our event a great success… actually the best ever is what many noted on their evaluations! Your ability to take facts and information about our agency and incorporate it into your presentation brought a very personal touch to the program."


If you would like to schedule a call with Eileen to discuss working together please call or email her!

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