Listen and Read. Enjoy the Media!

Enjoy this collection of interviews. Some are radio and podcasts and the others are print and video. We will update this page as more come online.

Eileen keynotes at ICF Philippines International Coaching Summit 2019 - Read here.

Eileen was interviewed on the Entre Architect on the topic of How to be Resilient in Times of Change - Listen Here.

May 2019 Lead Change Carnival featured Eileen's article - Read here.

DataBird features Eileen in the 250 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs - Read here.

Sales Expert Insights Series with Eileen McDargh. -  Watch here!

Eileen is the featured author in Hotel Executive - Read here.

Retention & Recruitment: Lessons from Your Guests - Read here.

MAYSHAD MAG interview - Read here.

meh2YEAH! Pro-File Podcast - Listen here.

Investor's Business Daily - 9 Steps Back From Failure To Greater Success. Read here.

Workplace Wellbeing Essentials interview with Mari Ryan.  Watch here.

Radical Resiliency: An Interview with Eileen McDargh by Jesse Lyn Stoner.  Listen here.

The CEO Refresher offers a variety of articles by Eileen.  Read here.

The IBM Social Business Spotlight Blog is featuring an interview with Eileen here.

Eileen is an Instigator for Lead Change Group.  Read her biography and articles here.

On-site interview on human energy: for the Institute of Financial Operations. Watch here.

Web-cast Thought-Leader interview: What IS a Thought Leader? Watch here.

Up close and personal—Let's talk. Questions I am asked... Watch here.

TV Talk Show On The Value of Communication. Watch here.

Critical Mass Radio Show:  Radical Resiliency:  Listen Here

How To Foster Resiliency: Read Here.

Creating A World That Works For All Podcast with Stacy Hall.  Listen here.

Expert Interview Series: Eileen McDargh on the Importance of Resiliency in Leaders. Read here.

The Legacy Project Interview with Eileen McDargh.  Read here.

Inspired Interview:  Eileen McDargh.  Listen here.

Eileen McDargh, author of Your Resiliency GPS, joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to offer tips on growing through life and work. Listen here.

Eileen has attained rank #1 in the Communication category for Global Gurus ranking 2019. There is a Global Gurus criterion that a GlobalGurus competitor needs to satisfy before they are selected. This criterion is imperative as they connect with close to around 22,000 representatives, advisors, scholastics and MBA's around the globe for their votes and popular sentiment survey. Criteria for judging the TOP 30 is categorically marked on the basis of the following factors:

  • Public opinion - 30% 
  • Originality of ideas - 30% 
  • Impact of original ideas - 10% 
  • Practicality of ideas - 10% 
  • Presentation style (boring gurus get lower points) - 10% 
  • Number of publications and writings - 5% 
  • Other considerations - 5%

The Top 30 Gurus, in their individual classifications are the "Cream of the Crop", the World's Top 30 most powerful Professional Speakers, Trainers and additionally Consultants in their territories and who have got more than 500 votes each.