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The Resilience Builder

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Talk Ain't Cheap... It's Priceless!


“There is an ancient and immutable truth: The ability to sell, explain, persuade, motivate, and lead others is our most important skill. Making things happen still requires the ability to make people like you, respect you, listen to you, and want to connect to you. And by connect, I mean connect personally, not digitally.


The human connection will always, always outrank the digital connection as a get-ahead skill."

- Karl Albrecht

Communication and conversation are the softest of skills and thus the hardest to get right. In this provocative and inspirational program, we will explore the five key areas that bring “talk” alive.  Learn the value of “Orange Batons” and “Little Davids”  Learn how to Improvise to maximize. Discover the value of scripting for a corrective conversation, and so much more.

Based upon the length of the presentation, participants will:

  • Discover how to grow the skills of adaptability, agility, laugh-ability, and alignment for producing results that put YOU in control of your ship.

  • Learn a four-part model for methodically tackling the tough issues you currently face.

  • Explore what great leaders do to inspire teams to stay in the game and thrive. (And it has NOTHING to do with money!) Get them energized, actualized, authorized, and gratified.

  • Develop a personal legacy leadership goal that defies downturns and disappointments.

Bonus:  Option to give all participants a book with these key learnings!

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Eileen's New Book!


Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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"Eileen offered a fresh perspective on work/life balance and forced me to re-think how I prioritize my life."


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