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Resiliency Report

Published monthly and when the mood strikes.

Update from Eileen

June is bustin' out all over

All over the meadow and the hill!

Buds're bustin' outa bushes

And the rompin' river pushes

Ev'ry little wheel that wheels beside the mill!

June, June, June

Just because it's June, June, June!

What a month ! With Covid restrictions easing and traveling opening, maybe it is time to break out!!

Resilience Builder Tip:  Try something you have never done before.

Resilience Builder Tip: Try something you have never done before.

2020 was the year to learn all things virtually like writing my next book and sending lemon cakes to folks whom I couldn’t see in person. I learned two new assessments that can help clients and—at this writing—I’m halfway through a four-month class on Interpersonal Neurobiology. In fact, it is so fascinating (and confusing at times), I thought you might enjoy listening to Dr. Dan Siegel lecture on what is a healthy mind. I’ll watch again as a refresher.

June is Bustin' Out...Are You?

June 2021

Refresh And Renew In Nature

Refresh And Renew In Nature

10 minutes of gardening or a weekly visit to a public park can alleviate depression. 20 minutes of waking among trees, birdwatching or any other outdoor activity reduces the stress hormone cortisol. 30 minutes of sitting and walking in a park can lower blood pressure. 45 minutes or more of hiking in mountains results in less fatigue and higher alertness. 60 minutes of interaction with nature (beach, park, tree-lined streets) can boost memory and attention span by 20%.

Information provided by National Institutes of Health, Frontiers of Psychology,, PLOS One, and Semantic Scholar

Laughter Becomes You!

Laughter Becomes You!

What’s the best thing about Switzerland? 

I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar. 

“Get out of here!” shouts the bartender. “We don’t serve your type.”

Hear about the new restaurant called Karma?  

There’s no menu: You get what you deserve.

What did the buffalo say when his son left for college? 


OK! I know: these are 2/3rds of a pun. Send me some of yours!

Must Read Book!

From Sheryl Sandberg to Adam Grant, the votes are in: THIS is a must read book. From emailing, zooming to IM-ing, it’s never been more critical to consider how we are perceived in the digital world. Be warned, you will need a highlighter! It is FILLED with advice and insights inn the power of digital body language and messaging to transform communication. Erica Dhawan has done a masterful job with this book.

Must Read Book!

Best Commencement Speech Ever—Boston College Class of 2021

I’d quote it but you must read the entire speech. David Brooks is funny, profound and poignant without the silly platitudes that often given at a graduation speech. He crafted a message that takes a pandemic, isolation, and the power of survival to re-orient all of us to the fact we now know we have the capacity to survive hard things. His advice holds true for everyone—regardless of age.

Must Read Book!
Take a Hike!

Burnout: Modern Affliction or Human Condition

It’s a long article by Jill Lepore but unraveling the history of even the term “burnout” is fascinating. Read at your leisure. No need to burnout in reading.

Take a Hike!

Take a Hike!

Time to go hiking but not ready for the trek (or the crowds)…  Then escape with this Ben Franklin Gold Medal Award Winner:

GIFTS FROM THE MOUNTAIN..  Pithy. Powerful. Watercolor pictures on  every facing page.

Buy it from my website (and I can sign it) or from Berrett Koehler Publishers

About Eileen

If you are looking for a unique keynote speaker in resiliency, a facilitator for executive retreats, a speech coach or an emcee/moderator, then you want to work with Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE. Eileen has spoken for audiences as large as 15,000 and facilitated groups as small as 18! She is the author of seven books and other products that you can find in her online store. The British Research firm of Global Gurus ranked her #4 among the top 30 communication gurus worldwide. Why not hire Eileen for your next event? 

Ranked 3rd!

This is the 6th year in a row that I have been ranked in the top 5 in communication. Global Gurus surveys some 26,000 business professionals to determine rankings plus professionals also vote. 


Thank You!

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