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Resiliency Report

Published monthly and when the mood strikes.

Update from Eileen

It’s been quite a summer. A 3-week kick-off with a vacation to Alaska was followed by 10 days of Covid quarantine. That was quickly followed by a long-awaited sibling reunion that turned into another week of quarantine. I apparently had some kind of immunity from being recently sick and could be with my sister and brother. Then—another canceled trip due to the Covid infection of a dear friend in Michigan. 

As a result—I had two empty weeks to write and think.

These are difficult times: our democracy is threatened, Monkeypox complicates the varied forms of Covid, hate speech and name-calling spill across the media, and today’s poll says we are more divided than ever. Rather than building resilience, it seems we are even more fragile and fearful.

What can concerned and caring people do? Answer: practice kindness and gratitude.

I can hear you now: “What, Eileen! Are you nuts? That’s way too woo woo.”

Got it. But hear me out. Every time we encounter a neighbor, a client, a colleague or a family member and speak words of kindness, we actually have a brief moment of happiness. Every time we seek what we have to be grateful for, we realize the blessings around us.

Pass along a kind word that says to the person, “I see you”. When I told the grocery clerk she had gorgeous eyes, her smile lit up the store. The cake I took to the neighbor who just lost his only sibling not only fed his tummy but also his heart.

Today, we feel estranged from so many. Use kindness and gratitude to bridge the divide. Small steps but remember, an ant devours an elephant one bite at a time.

Thank you all for being my devoted readers. I treasure you all.

Random Acts of Kindness Elevate Employee Satisfaction

Random Acts of Kindness Elevate Employee Satisfaction

In a workplace study on prosocial behaviors, researchers examined the behaviors of employees who were randomly assigned to one of three groups:

"Givers" were instructed to perform five acts of kindness for targeted recipients.

"Receivers" were led to believe the study was about workplace morale and tasked with discretely keeping track of generous behaviors received.

"Control Group" also was tasked with keeping track of generous behaviors received but were not targeted to receive prosocial acts as part of the study.

"My religion is kindness." - Dalai Lama

Make the Most of the Official Last Month of Vacation

August 2022

Monetary Rewards Undercut Creativity, Engagement and Performance

Monetary Rewards Undercut Creativity, Engagement and Performance

Because Laughter Helps

Because Laughter Helps

Only in math problems can you buy 60 cantaloupes, and no one asks, "What the heck is wrong with you?"

Be decisive.  Right or wrong, decide. The road is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.

When the pool re-opens, due to social distancing rules, there will be NO water in lanes 1, 3, and 5.

If you see me talking to myself, just move along.  I’m self-employed.  We’re having a meeting.

There Is Only Us with John Noltner

From Star Thrower Productions, distributor of my training film, Gifts from the Mountain, is this offer. Perfect for these times.

There Is Only Us is a thought-provoking video that reminds us we are more alike than different.

Featuring powerful storytelling and inspiring photography, author John Noltner shares the stories of four people that helped him on his personal journey to be more understanding and empathetic. This inspiring video offers a safe place and process to have conversations on ways we can improve civility and be more inclusive in everything we do.

There Is Only Us with John Noltner

TIME to LEVEL UP Your Career!

Join me and over 20 experts in the Level Up Your Career Series! beginning August 25th at 10 am!  A recession feels like the time to hunker down and play it safe. Not so!  Now is your time to LEVEL UP and SHINE! Come learn how to shatter barriers, get paid what you're worth, and live a fulfilling life!

There Is Only Us with John Noltner

Practice Gratefulness First on Yourself

What I offer here is a poem by Julia Fehrenbacher. In these difficult despairing times, I invite you to read her words. Her thoughts are those we forget to say to ourselves—words of acceptance, comfort, and sunlight.

About Eileen

If you are looking for a unique keynote speaker in resiliency, a facilitator for executive retreats, a speech coach or an emcee/moderator, then you want to work with Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE. Eileen has spoken for audiences as large as 15,000 and facilitated groups as small as 18! She is the author of seven books and other products that you can find in her online store. The British Research firm of Global Gurus ranked her #4 among the top 30 communication gurus worldwide. Why not hire Eileen for your next event? 

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