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Resiliency Report

Published monthly and when the mood strikes.

Update from Eileen

I got this email last week:

“Thank you for being a part of the Inspire Me Today family! We are honored to have shared your Brilliance, Living In The Now, with our community.

We want your inspiration to be a great success! It is our pleasure to co-promote YOU and your wisdom to our community by featuring your Brilliance on our homepage and in our archives and sharing it through our daily newsletter, our Google Play Newsstand edition, our iPhone app, and our social networks.”

Wow. I figured there was a monetary catch. Nope. Then I read what I had written some nine years ago. I was astounded, humbled, and grateful. What I wrote then is even more true now!!

Has that ever happened to you? I’m discovering that my search for self-awareness has been a multi-year trek and it is only now that the words hit even deeper. So, I offer this to you.

Please click on the link. Let me know your thoughts. After all, we are fellow travelers on this journey. Thanks for coming with me!

Four Day Work Week Gets Thumbs Up From Researchers, Employers, And Employees

Four Day Work Week Gets Thumbs Up From Researchers, Employers, And Employees

Trials in the U.K. conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge and Boston College found that the four-day workweek improved employees’ feelings of burnout and stress and reduced their sick and personal days.

Bottom line: the bottom line is better!!!

The reduction gave people a chance to cut back on the unnecessary lingering time that does not aid productivity goals or the bottom line. This analysis found that a reduced workweek did not affect company revenue—on average, it increased by 1.4% across the industries studied. In the previous U.S. and Ireland trials, revenue jumped by 38%.

Sounds like an experiment we could all get behind!

The Past Provides Wisdom

March 2023

Tasty Trivia

Tasty Trivia

Were tortilla chips invented by accident?

It's true - Rebecca Webb Carranza & her husband are credited for making the tortilla chips popular with their tortilla factory! It all happened when their tortilla-making machine glitched and produced misshaped tortillas. Carranza swung into action to save the day, by cutting them further into triangles, fried them, and sold them successfully! This brilliant idea not only was one of the biggest contributions to the Mexican food industry but also landed her the Golden Tortilla Award in 1994!

Funnies In This Age Of AI—Artificial Intelligence

Funnies In This Age Of AI—Artificial Intelligence

  • The biggest joke on mankind is that computers have begun asking humans to prove they aren’t a robot.

  • Last night the internet stopped working so I spent a few hours with my family. They seem like good people.

  • For those of you that don’t want Alexa listening in on your conversation they are making a male version ….it doesn’t listen to anything.

  • Now that I have lived through a pandemic, I totally understand why Italian Renaissance paintings are full of fat people lying on couches.

Must Read Book

Humor, Seriously: Why Humor is a Secret Weapon in Business and in Life by Jennifer Aaker & Naomi Bagdonas  

I have often heard myself tell clients and audiences that I’m here on earth for comic relief. Then, I wondered, if saying that is a negative. This amazing book by Aaker and Bagdonas, based on the popular class taught at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, assured me that it is a powerful trait in any profession and an important leadership skill. Note the word “taught”. Yes—humor can be taught. And I, for one, will be learning how to teach these skills to my clients. One final thought, consider this praise.

“Humor is an act of social courage that, when used correctly, has a transformative effect. Humor, Seriously gives us the tools we need to deploy humor expertly in any environment.”—Susan Cain, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Quiet

Must Read Book

Live Like A Miracle

Children have a marvelous way of celebrating who they are. I remember watching my children with awe. It didn’t matter if they were playing a game with others, eating lunch, talking about their day, or even watching a movie, they showed delight in most everything they did.

And then there’s birthdays… On that day, a child goes from joy to pure ecstasy.

Must Read Book
Searching for Your WHY?

One More Must Read Book

Leadership Two Words at a Time by Bill Treasurer

Bill is a wonderful colleague and fellow Berrett-Koehler author. He’s a straight-talking, easy to understand and a profound writer. Why complicate matters when a series of two words will do? Consider words like: Practice Humility, Create Safety, Cultivate Composure. Imagine if you took two words and just worked on those two words for two weeks. Imagine if you taught those two words to your team or even to your family. This is a great tool for simplifying leadership in complicated times.

Searching for Your WHY?

Searching for Your WHY?

I can help. In fact, I can help you not only determine your WHY, but also HOW you bring that why to life and ultimately, WHAT people count on you to do. Call me at 949-637-4233 and let me guide you through this discovery process. Minimal time and maximum return.

About Eileen

If you are looking for a unique keynote speaker in resiliency, a facilitator for executive retreats, a speech coach or an emcee/moderator, then you want to work with Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE. Eileen has spoken for audiences as large as 15,000 and facilitated groups as small as 18! She is the author of seven books and other products that you can find in her online store. The British Research firm of Global Gurus ranked her #4 among the top 30 communication gurus worldwide. Why not hire Eileen for your next event? 

Ranked 3rd!

This is the 6th year in a row that I have been ranked in the top 5 in communication. Global Gurus surveys some 26,000 business professionals to determine rankings plus professionals also vote. 


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