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Eileen on Sailing a Boat

Who is Eileen?

For almost 40 years—Eileen is so much MORE than a Motivational Speaker.

She’s energy without hype. A connector who joins head and heart to create action.  Instead of giving lectures, Eileen teaches and tells stories.  She speaks with humility and humor in place of pride and pretense. 


What you see is what you get. Authenticity and humanity abound on and off the platform. People resonate with Eileen for that very reason. People sense she respects and cares about their success and well-being. And she does. Deeply.


Eileen gets results because she GETS the audience. Customization is her middle name. She'll live in your world as much as you let her.  She'll partner with you as much as you like, helping you craft smooth transitions, serving as a moderator or an emcee, brainstorming ideas. She'll move chairs, serve coffee, and greet people at registration tables. Whatever it takes. She is no prima donna. She takes her work seriously and herself lightly.


She's down-to-earth and a masterful storyteller. Fun and funny with a way of creating memorable learning points. Years later, audience members tell her what they remember and how they used the ideas. Eileen believes in the value of humor and interaction, often using spontaneous responses and improvisation to stay in the moment and move with the group.


Eileen is a hope merchant and a truth teller. She is not right for every audience, and she'll tell you, often offering other people for your consideration. At the end of the day, it's not about money. It's about integrity and results.

If you would like to schedule a call with Eileen to discuss working together please call or email her!

From the moment we began planning our annual Women’s Leadership Conference, Eileen was engaged and enthusiastic about the opportunity to address our audience. She took the time to understand our goals and objectives and worked closely with us to tailor her keynote address to our specific needs.

When the day of the conference arrived, she did not disappoint! Eileen engaged with our planning committee, sponsors, attendees, and the event facility staff with enthusiasm, kindness, and humility. She was energized and engaging on stage and had the audience hanging on every word with contemplation, laughter, and at times, heartfelt tears. Eileen’s presentation was both informative and entertaining, with plenty of anecdotes that kept everyone engaged from beginning to end.

One thing that really stood out to me was Eileen’s ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. She shared personal experiences and was able to make everyone in the room feel like they were a part of the conversation. By the end of the presentation, it felt like we had all made a new friend.

Overall, I cannot recommend Eileen McDargh highly enough. She and her team were true professionals during the planning process and made her part of planning our conference a breeze, and delivered an outstanding presentation that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. If you have the opportunity to work with Eileen, do not hesitate to take it – you will not be disappointed!


Event Coordinator, Women's Small Business Accelerator, Inc.

"YOU KILLED IT!!! You are being talked about around the globe!!!!!!!! Everyone has loved you, slide or not, video and live!!!!"


Regional Sales Director, Respiratory Specialty Biologics and Global Women's Leadership Initiative Development Lead at GSK

Eileen was a joy to work with. The energy and passion she brings to her presentation is inspirational. We loved the time and effort she devoted prior to our event to ensure our needs were met. She is truly a gift from the universe!"


Community Development and Mobilization Manager, Early Childhood Development Mapping Project , NY

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