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The Resilience Builder

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Your Resiliency GPS Workshop


Surprises are the new normal. Change is the new constant. Stress and burnout have reached epidemic proportions.Yet, not all is lost. Using the book Your Resiliency GPS: A Guide for Growing through Life and Work author and professional speaker Eileen McDargh will guide your audience on a different path.


This workshop is for everyone from the leaders of Fortune 100 companies to small business owners to the unemployed.  Workshop pricing includes a copy of Your Resiliency GPS for each participant.

Based upon the length of the presentation, participants will:

  • Cultivate PREresilience skills in order to be pro-active about change.

  • Learn to see opportunities where others see only barriers.

  • Learn a four-part model for methodically tackling the tough issues you currently face.

  • Learn how to use Growth Potential Strategies (GPS) to get you to where you want to go.

  • Discover recalculating questions.


Eileen McDargh does not believe in bouncing back. She will teach your audience how to "growth through" adversity and change. Call her at 949-496-8640 to book a Your Resiliency GPS workshop today!

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Eileen's New Book!


Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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