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Going Virtual with Resiliency Expert Eileen McDargh

I believe that making a positive impact in the lives of others and contributing to their success is my calling in life.  HOW I do that is by offering ideas and solutions to create conversations that matter and connections that count.  Ultimately, WHAT I do is help them find a clear path so they can build resilience and move forward.

  • What if your organization needs the creative brainpower of all stakeholders? 

  • What if your leaders need to figure out how to release the talent and collaboration of remote workers?

  • What if your teams are in disarray and disconnected because of all the chaos in the world?

  • How can individuals harness the energy of optimism and action?


We can do this and more through the wonder of technology.  But please, no clunky webinars.

Virtual Offerings

Virtual Keynotes:  These are fast-paced, programs with of high content backed by engaging stories and humor. Expect plenty of ROI for your time. Many of my programs can become virtual keynotes.

Virtual Seminars:  All leadership begins with self-leadership. This hand-on, thought-provoking series looks at moving from burnout to breakthrough: building resilience to refuel, recharge and reclaim what matters.  Seminars are longer and broken into 30-minutes modules with a workbook included.   


Virtual Executive Exploration: Customized, facilitated “advances” designed to bring seasoned executives together to serve as masterminds in moving through new realities. Using technology, we can bring dozens together and through interaction and virtual breakout “rooms” , generating conversations and connections while ultimately moving toward agreed-upon deliverables.

Eileen's New Book!


Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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Sign-up to receive The Resiliency Report, our newsletter and receive an excerpt of Eileen’s new book “Burnout to Breakthrough” and a bonus: a digital copy of Talk Ain’t Cheap: It’s Priceless-Connecting in a Disconnected World.

"Eileen offered a fresh perspective on work/life balance and forced me to re-think how I prioritize my life."


How about a hybrid? This video was created as a way of promoting an upcoming LIVE conference. How clever to also have me live- along with an interviewer— in this format. Something to consider. 

Virtual Programs - These have been created specifically for a COVID-19 World

All of us are being whip-lashed by a barrage of frightening news, warnings, and dire predictions about the fate of our communities, countries, and world. Many of us are just plain anxious and frankly scared. Never before has there been such a universal need to understand and cultivate resilience.


Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resiliency to Refuel, Recharge and Reclaim What Matters

In May 2019, the World Health Organization declared burnout as a global occupational hazard with specific symptoms and warnings. Enter COVID 19 and an upside down world.  Burnout has become even stronger and insidious. Remote workforces, physical distancing, and dependency on virtual communication provide their own potential for burnout. You’ll experience why Eileen has also been called a HOPE merchant, filling minds with positivity, laugh-ability and DO-ability.


The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life: The Secret to Resiliency!



We hear about the need to balance personal and work priorities, but how do you go from burned out to fired up? How can we juggle the many responsibilities and demands on our busy lives? Understand why traditional models of balance no longer work in these times of change.

Tap-dancing on Running Water: Living in Disruptive Times


Fear paralyzes us. Clear thinking moves us.  This session is designed to open a conversation about what we can do as individuals and professionals to move from pandemic panic to realistic response. During this 45-minute session, I will guide you through the accurate definition of resilience and begin to explore actions to take in cultivating four critical resilience skills: adaptability, agility, laugh-ability and alignment.


Creating a Resilient Workforce: The Care and Feeding of Remote Teams


Alone again—and not so naturally.  With employees scattered in various locations—even within the same city— a leader’s job becomes a blend of psychologist and coach, teacher and student.  Within the reality of both optimism and pessimism which we all deal with, this program helps managers focus on attributes: clarity, collaboration, creativity, comedy and compassion.

These programs were crafted as early responses to global lockdowns.  I served as the content provider on their platform and with their format.

"You were fantastic.  Thank you for an incredible presentation and for sharing your time and expertise with us.  And thank you for spending the morning with us, getting to know our team.  I am hopeful this is just the start of very long and exciting relationship with you." 


"Eileen's presentation on Burnout to Breakthrough could not be more timely. Having to adjust to new learning delivery, work and school balance, social distancing, and social unrest have placed us all in a state of crisis fatigue, as Eileen explained.  
Her two sessions provided conversations that needed discussion. The attendee's engagement shared that the first session provided insight and the opportunity to look at themselves and where they are at in the spectrum of burnout. Gaining tools to engage in their daily work activities allows change and permits them to take time for themselves.
The second session, Courageous Conversations, provided a follow-up to the first session, allowing shared insights, aha, and motivations to care for self and each other. Overall feedback from attendees was positive, thought-provoking, timely and insightful. It provided community and acknowledgment that we are not in this alone. 
I highly recommend a session with Eileen. She provides insight, shares stories and practices, but yet makes it about you, the attendee. I not only contracted a great presenter, but I have also made a friend in the process. Thank you, Eileen, for your partnership in this webinar series, thank you for your ear, thank you for a new friend."


"I would like to begin by saying A Huge & Heartfelt Thank You from the entire Pure Magic Events Exhibitions & Conference Organizing Team & The Hotel Industry colleagues in UAE and Around the World who attended our webinar.


We received so many messages from our attendees thanking us for this initiative, thanking us for being able to invite you as a speaker, as well as heaping praise on you for your motivating and inspirational ideas and complete innovative way of approaching the situation. All our listeners were so inspired by your words of encouragement. Your high energy and enthusiasm were amazing, specifically your tailored message on resilience to our attendees was spot on and that mind-altering knowledge helped make this webinar a successful one”. 


“The messaging is so important now, especially when many feel a loss of control over so many aspects of our lives. These are unprecedented time and Eileen's calming words of wisdom are so very needed.  Thank you!”


“Great conference, very interactive and love the ideas on how to overcome difficult times."


“Thank you very much for organizing this webinar and possibility to listen to this great speaker. Very well structured and straight forward. Loved the summary at the end of the presentation and the interaction/open questions between the moderator and the speaker.  Thank you so much!  It has made me more optimistic for the future.  I am taking a lot of your points to heart!”


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