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Eileen McDargh on stage with hand raised


It’s more than a coincidence that Eileen and Emcee start with the same letter. So does ENERGY. That’s where you’ll find a real difference in your meeting.

Eileen has extensive experience emceeing events, facilitating meetings, and moderating panels for some of the largest organizations in the United States.

​She’ll become the bridge between you, your speakers and your audience. She will set the tone for the event and keep the energy level high. She can also help with event design and theme.

"The team started to think for each other. We built the foundation for a transformative team. We now understand how we operate and who we are as individuals. We learned how to have the difficult conversations without being difficult. Eileen pulled us together and got people to tell the truth. She also made it fun. There were plenty of laughs along with very serious moments. I've seen a real improvement into the team's thinking. It's a complex business model and how she pulled it together was very powerful.
She hit every single issue she thought we had. She distilled it down. She has a unique ability to gather data and say, 'This is what matters.'

We spent the last day talking about action steps and made commitments-which she gave us back in writing-about what we said we would do for each other. She gave us a small black book to track our progress and two months later, we all checked in via video conference to see exactly how we are doing."


Head of Global Regulations, Novartis

"Eileen McDargh is a master at her craft, as a facilitator, moderator or even emcee. If you are looking for a masterful mixture of great wit, timing, energy and team engagement, all while having a grounded and focused presence, Eileen is the one."


CEO, Hermann International

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