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Are you hiring speakers who entertain but provide only a veneer of content?

Do you attendees leave empty handed and nothing really changes?

Are you tired of working with speakers who don't take the time to understand you or your audience?

Are you ready for a breathe of fresh air, insights, AND often humor that becomes powerful with meaning?

Experience a resiliency expert who fully understands your group's challenges-someone who stimulates new ideas and truly catalyzes personal accountability and a readiness for action.

You'll find Eileen's programs

  • provocative yet playful
  • profound yet personal
  • passionate yet pragmatic

This year, hire a resiliency expert and master teacher who believes that content, wisdom, and fun belong together.

Even better, she inspires your audience to become more resilient and to live a life, both personal and professional, by design and not by default!

Below are the Speaking Topics and Programs offered by Eileen. Click on the program title to learn more.

Programs that offer insights into how to develop the skills for change management

How can professionals cope with change while staying focused on their jobs and organization goals? The answer is Resiliency - the ability to find the inner strength to grow through a set-back, challenge, or opportunity. Resiliency is NOT about "bouncing back." It is about growing through. Resilient leaders keep the best and brightest talent, resilient living affords a life by design and not default, resilient relationships offer harmony and authenticity. With compassion, insight, perspective, humor, and joy, Eileen helps your group to be change-hardy and move forward.

Resiliency: The Grow-Through Secret for Sales Success

Radical Resilience: Staying Rightside Up In A World That's Upside Down

Leveraging Your Career To Fit YOUR Authentic Self

Eileen also offers facilitated, day long-sessions to help groups identify issues related to change, organizational and personal barriers and bridges to change, and how to create effective transitions.

Programs that develop powerful self leadership skills and leadership of others

With straight talk, grounded advice, and compelling, humorous stories, Eileen crystallizes methods for leading oneself and leading others.

The Power of Engagement: Crafting Connections that Count for People Who Matter

Programs that offer tangible solutions for work/life integration

Professionals in all types of organizations share a common struggle: work/life balance. Eileen energizes and empowers your participants with these sessions.

Work for a Living and Still Be Free to Live: The Secret for a Resilient Life

The Energy Connection: The Secret To Resilient Living

Programs that inspire women to develop a capacity for creativity, leadership and contribution

Women in the workforce offer unique talents while facing exceptional challenges. Eileen rekindles passions, reinforces work/life choices and re-energizes women in leadership with innovative thinking and fresh insights.

Lead-Her-Ship - Claiming The Power, Passion, Play and Purpose Of Our Lives

Leveraging Your Career To Fit YOUR Authentic Self

Programs that provide real-time communication tools for understanding and developing relationships.

Ask anyone what is the consistent challenge in building a great business, a solid community, or a cohesive team and you'll get a dominate answer: relationships! Use these programs to understand what you bring to the table and how to influence and work better with others. Resource materials that support these programs include Talk Ain't Cheap, It's Priceless and a series of online communication behavioral instruments.

Plain Talk for Complex Times

Surviving and Thriving With Difficult People

Understanding Your Communication E-Quotient

  • "Eileen was wonderful. The response was wonderful and while her humor was infectious, her underlying message came through loud and clear. Her references to studies, authors, etc. was knowledgeable and insightful to her research and own base of presentation support. Enjoyed her very much."
    — North Carolina Oncology Management Society
"You were the best speaker, so engaging and so real and filled with heart! Thank you for sharing your gifts at ESPN. "

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As a Resiliency Motivational SpeakerEileen loves working with all groups. She has found great synergy with health care audiences and long term care (from personal experience), educators ( As an award-winning educator, she went from teaching kids to grown-ups—who are still like kids), and women’s leadership groups(because she is one!).