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Eileen McDargh making a funny face with her hand raised

Keynote Speaker

She's HUGE on Keynote of the most accomplished motivational and inspirational  speakers in the country.

Eileen's blend of inspiration, humor and content make her one of the most sought-after female speakers in the country.

Customization begins from the first conversation. She first determines if she is a good fit for you! Then, you will fill out her pre-program survey which begins a second, deeper conversation.

Frankly, she’ll ask more questions that you ever thought possible. And why not - you and your group are like no other group on the planet!

Download Eileen's One Sheet to learn the difference between an opening keynote and a closing keynote.

"Awesome. Dynamic. Memorable. Impactful. Strategic. Energetic. Passionate..

​I could go on and on to describe the motivational speeches and workshops by Eileen McDargh.

Eileen has the extraordinary skill of delivering key messages that are tailored to meet the unique needs of her audience…She does this through truly getting to know the organization and the audience well in advance and intense preparation to understand the objectives of her clients. I was impressed by how she weaves in references specific to the client audience in her speeches that make the audience really feel she knows and understands their needs.

Eileen’s key note speech themes are current, provocative and agile to help small and major businesses manage organization changes, understand dynamics of industry business challenges and develop better people management skills. She is a dynamic key note speaker and I have seen her first hand in front of small groups of 50 -100 as well as larger 500+ audience where she holds the attention of everyone in the room. That is no easy task in this current multi-device need-it-now culture!

At our organization we were so impressed with Eileen’s key note speech, we invited her back to develop and tailor smaller workshops for our individual business units and employee relations groups to help us effectively integrate and manage people through organizational matrix and break down vertically-managed businesses.

Eileen McDargh is a partner that an organization or group should utilize beyond her dynamic and effective key note speeches- she can be a partner to help in people development and foster organizational effectiveness and growth."


Director, Field Force Integration, NPC

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