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The Resilience Builder

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Eileen's blend of inspiration, humor and content make her one of the most sought after female speakers in the country.  She's HUGE on customization.


Customization begins from the first conversation. She first determines if she is a good fit for you! Then, you will fill out her her pre-program survey

which begins a second, deeper conversation.

Frankly, she’ll ask more questions that you ever thought possible. And why not - you and your group are like no other group on the planet!


Download Eileen's One Sheet to learn the difference between an opening keynote and a closing keynote.

Eileen is an inspirational speaker for corporate events and more!

Case Study

When a global IT company faces massive change with resiliency



In a major outsource move, a 130-year-old global consumer products company spun off a division of 1,200 IT employees. The company held an “IT Renewal” conference for the remaining 1,400 IT employees to kick off the company’s turnaround.




Launch the company’s new direction, deal with new challenges and new opportunities in a way that honored the truth of the outsourcing situation and gave the 1,400 employees ideas for navigating this change.



Eileen presented a keynote address, “Resiliency: Staying Right Side up in a World of Change.” In addition, the company purchased 1,200 copies of her book, The Resilient Spirit.




Employees gave Eileen a standing ovation. The Human Resources senior vice president invited Eileen to return to speak to the North America group. He noted: “Eileen gave employees language with which to deal with their situation and gave them self-leadership skills.” Employees continue to rely on Eileen’s resiliency concepts.

Case Study

When sales reps receive strategies to improve work/life integration



The women’s network of sales reps in a multinational corporation’s meets once a year.



These professional women grapple with work/life balance issues. The meeting planner devoted a full day to this critical topic.




Eileen conducted her one-day workshop: “JourneyWork—Crafting a Resilient Life.” The response was so positive, the meeting planner asked Eileen to help develop a two-day conference—dedicated to this topic—for a group in the North Atlantic states. In addition, Eileen presented this workshop to the company’s West Coast network.




Attendees said they were more focused, empowered, and energized to make positive changes in their work and home lives.


Case Study

When high-stress executives hear message of work/life integration



An international company’s well-paid executives perform at high levels under tremendous stress. While the company’s owners appreciate the performance levels, they are concerned about the executives’ work/life balance.



Present a work/life balance message that the executives could take to heart without brushing it off as “soft” or “not relevant.”




Before the global conference, Eileen prepared thoroughly by interviewing a cross-section of key people throughout the firm. During the conference, she created a high-energy, innovative presentation—highlighting a company leader on the podium—to create a new vision of life integration.




Executives found the message appropriate, innovative and filled with ideas they could immediately put to use. Senior leadership needed to navigate through significant change, clarify and improve relationships, and develop a shared vision to begin the search for a new CEO.

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Eileen's New Book!


Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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