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The Resilience Builder

For Meeting Planners

Pre-Program Survey

This survey will START the process of getting to know YOU. Shall we break into a song?

If you have booked me for your event you will need to fill out this survey. The more complete the information you provide, the better. Please fill out the survey below, answer those questions that pertain to your particular session.

As an option, we have provided the questionnaire as a Word document for download. Please download the file, fill out the survey, answer those questions that pertain to your particular session, and return it to no later than three weeks prior to the engagement.

Thank you so very much!

* Required fields

What is your organization's major strength? What makes your organization unique? If applicable, what is your organization's competitive edge?

If applicable, who are your major competitors? Who are the industry leaders?

Presentation: What are your specific objectives for my session? In other words, what three things would you like the audience to walk away with?

Would you describe the group as:

For fun: Is there a “personality” in the group? Either a role model, or someone that is known for having a congenial type of manner? Any “in joke”?

What are the most significant events to have occurred in your industry group, or organization during the past year? (mergers, relocations, cutbacks, new product or service, legislation, etc. )

Are there any issues/topics that you think I should discuss during my program? Are there any key issues, subjects, words, phrases or concepts that people feel negatively about and should be avoided?

Language: Please list some in-house or market-specific jargon, phrases, acronyms or other words that might be appropriate for incorporation.

Is there a theme or slogan you want "Planted" as a seed for the group?

Can you be more specific as to the % breakdown of the audience (males/females, rank within the profession or company, level of sophistication, average age, ranges of age etc.)

Will attendees be co-workers, leader/follower, or a mixture? Are they acquainted with each other? Any potential problems, competitive factors, peer pressure, or other dynamics that I should know about?

For recognition: What is happening right? Any individuals or departments, work groups, etc. which might be cited for credit, etc. within the context of this presentation.

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