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The Resilience Builder

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How Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh Works

  • Do you attendees leave empty handed and nothing really changes?

  • Are you tired of working with speakers who don't take the time to understand you or your audience?

  • Are you ready for a breathe of fresh air, insights AND often humor that becomes powerful with meaning?

Powerful Presentations REQUIRE Powerful Preparation

I don’t think you hire me to speak. You hire me to prepare. It’s the attention to detail and the research that makes the difference. Sure it takes time. But—you’re giving me yours.


ON-SITE preparation includes:

Schedule permitting, I’ll arrive in time to meet with you, attend earlier sessions, take photos, talk with participants, and get an up-to-the-minute feel that is impossible with just a phone conversation.


Weave your theme into my message and, as appropriate, tie in the comments of other presenters.


I’ve been known to be an anonymous registrar, to hand out programs, and to re-arrange furniture.


Time permitting; I’ll meet with anyone who wants to talk more about my presentation. (Sometimes, people just need the 1:1 attention. Some folks want to share their story. And some people want advice. I am YOURS until travel demands that I leave)

PRE-EVENT research includes, based upon your needs:

Conduct conference calls with key personnel, customers, and/or employees.


Read all materials you send me in order to understand your background, challenges, triumphs and concerns.


Work with production crews to insure a seamless transition, music cues (if appropriate) and optimum audio visual preparation.


Consult, as requested, in the program design and flow as well as in the verbiage used to market the event. Having worn the hat of meeting planner and also consulted to a wide variety of clients, I have a wealth of ideas and expertise that is yours for the asking.

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Eileen's New Book!


Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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Working with Eileen McDargh
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