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Eileen McDargh giving a lecture to women

Booked! Now What?

If you have booked me for your event you will need to fill out this survey. The more complete the information you provide, the better.

Eileen McDargh on stage at the Human Talent Summit

Promoting Eileen for an upcoming event? Here are some photos of Eileen intended for both your print and digital marketing media.

Eileen McDargh on ocean front balcony

We have created this sponsorship letter if you would like to use sponsors to defray the cost of using Eileen McDargh at your event. Please customize and print it on your letterhead before sending to prospective sponsors.

Eileen McDargh signing a book in dinner

You can use this biography for your website, print materials and social media.  If you need it to be personalized let us know!

Eileen McDargh sailing a boat
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