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Abbott Lab Women’s Leaders in Action

Andersen (Accenture) Consulting Women’s Forum

Bakersfield Women’s Conference

Brea Chamber of Commerce

CA. Assoc. of Health Facilities

Celgene Women Advancing Leadership

Central CA Women’s Conference

Crystal Cathedral Women’s Conference

Dallas Chamber Women’s Commerce

Ernst & Young

Executive Women's International

Federal Employee Women’s Association

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

IBM Women’s Network

ICAN (Women’s Conference)

Intel Women’s Leadership

Mayo Clinic Women’s Conference

Nat’l Assoc. of Women Business Owners

Network of Executive Women

New Mexico Women’s Conference-URENCO

Novartis Women’s Leadership

Oracle Women’s Leadership

Port St. Lucie Business Women

Procter & Gamble Mid Atlantic Women’s Development Group

Procter & Gamble Western Women’s Development Group

Simmons College Women Leadership

Simmons International Women’s Conference - Dublin

Speaking of Women’s Health

University of Illinois

VIRTUA Women’s Wellness Summit

Women In Plastics

Women in Banking

Women in Electrical Engineering

Women on the Move

Women’s Conference

Women’s Food Forum

Women’s Food Service Forum

Women’s Forum Idaho

Women’s Success Conference

Eileen McDargh with event attendees


From the moment we began planning our annual Women’s Leadership Conference, Eileen was engaged and enthusiastic about the opportunity to address our audience. She took the time to understand our goals and objectives and worked closely with us to tailor her keynote address to our specific needs.

When the day of the conference arrived, she did not disappoint! Eileen engaged with our planning committee, sponsors, attendees, and the event facility staff with enthusiasm, kindness, and humility. She was energized and engaging on stage and had the audience hanging on every word with contemplation, laughter, and at times, heartfelt tears. Eileen’s presentation was both informative and entertaining, with plenty of anecdotes that kept everyone engaged from beginning to end.

One thing that really stood out to me was Eileen’s ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. She shared personal experiences and was able to make everyone in the room feel like they were a part of the conversation. By the end of the presentation, it felt like we had all made a new friend.

Overall, I cannot recommend Eileen McDargh highly enough. She and her team were true professionals during the planning process and made her part of planning our conference a breeze, and delivered an outstanding presentation that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. If you have the opportunity to work with Eileen, do not hesitate to take it – you will not be disappointed!


Event Coordinator, Women's Small Business Accelerator, Inc.

"What a difference it made to have you moderate the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Mentoring Panel discussion at the recent National Restaurant Show! The feedback we’ve received has been outstanding and your facilitation of the session was a major key to its success. Here are the reasons why: you took time to really understand the WFF and what we wanted to achieve in this panel discussion. You did your homework! You came up with a super idea of actually marketing the panel to our members AND not only wrote the marketing copy, but created an e-mail letter that sought areas of concern from all our members. You condensed the response and developed themes. You organized the responses and developed the themes. You organized our panelists in advance, giving them clear directions and questions. That’s not an easy task when we had such “heavy hitters” in the industry sitting on the panel. You made it fun for everyone and engaged the participants. You brought your own wisdom to the table and wove threads around what the different panelists said. You helped us look like heroes to our members. Besides all of the great work and assistance you provided, you were a complete pleasure to work with. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I couldn’t have done it without your help."


"It was such a pleasure working with you on our Women’s Business Conference last Fall. Thank you for being such a professional, organized speaker. Your initiative made my responsibilities for conference planning that much easier! Your contribution as our work/life balance seminar speaker was so valuable to our attendees, especially as evidenced by the filled-to-capacity room. Thanks for sharing your stories, your expertise, and your wonderful self."


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