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Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh's Testimonials


"Many thanks for your outstanding contribution at our Annual Meeting. The key figures at any MDRT Annual Meeting are our speakers. It is they who draw the audience and hold their attention. You succeeded in doing both. We thank you for the superb effort you made in preparing your talk. You faced a demanding audience and you performed with distinction. We are grateful."


"You delivered a meaningful message with energy, fun and warmth— and started our convention on the right note to energize both ourselves and our guests. The total convention was one of our best. Your wit (Ken still says he’ll never let Lorraine sit with the guest speaker again) and enthusiasm contributed to making it that. Thank you for a super job."


"It was truly a pleasure to meet you! You are a high energy person and you bring that energy to your presentations to keep the audience with you all the way. Thank you for closing our Honor Council/MART meeting in Cabo San Lucas on a high note and with some great quotes!""


"Thank you for coming to Sacramento to present Becoming Resilient Change Masters-Personally and Professionally to the supervisors and managers of the Sacramento District Office. The feedback from the course was overwhelmingly positive. Most of the time folks are frustrated that they wasted time away from their desk and never think twice about what they may have gotten out of a course. Not this time. Even today they are still talking about being a high I or C, etc. They truly enjoyed the course and walked away with a lot of useful knowledge."


"Your results were amazing. I even had one staff member call me after the workshop to thank me for bringing you to SJHC & that she has never been so positively energized and influenced by any workshop before! You made a difference every time you engaged with us. We will bring you back to SJHC to address any number of topics because you are so knowledgeable in so many different areas and because you know how to engage people in dialogue. And we keep bringing up your points in our corporate e-mails! Eileen, your presence with our staff created energy and instilled hope for a future of possibility at SJHC. You managed some tough questions from the crowd, listened to concerns without reinforcing victimized behavior and, respectfully reminded all of us about the power of choice and personal accountability for our own happiness. While the content of your messages was highly relevant, I heard so much from learners about your presence with them. You are a role model for “positivity” without being a Pollyanna. What a wonderful day spent with such a special spirit."


"It was clear, both from the feedback from our members and the standing ovation you received at the conclusion of your remarks, that your presentation was well received and that you made a real connection with our members. In my 25 years in the association business, I have never seen a keynote speaker take as much time and effort to research an audience – including attending sessions and talking to NCPA members on-site to get to know their personalities and interests. Even your advance preparation, in reviewing background material and speeches and in our conversation about NCPA’s issues and objectives, you went well beyond the level of commitment I’ve seen with most speakers."


"The Adventure of Caring Tools for the Journey” was a great way to end what many of our attendees said was the best conference in which they had ever participated. Here were some of their comments: “Best speaker of the convention. Very motivating.” “Incredible. Best speaker I have ever heard.” “What a great way to end the conference.” I especially appreciated your attending most of the two-day conference so you could specifically tailor your closing presentation to the assisted living industry and our company."


"This is to thank you for a wonderful session to close the 74th annual Blue Ridge Institute for Southern Community Service Executives. I knew it was going to be great, by all the advance enthusiasm others had shared after hearing you in other contexts. But you more than realized that anticipation! First of all, you have a gift for connecting with others, which comes from a place of genuine caring. It is reflected in your ability to get to know people quickly and remember who they are: not a common gift! In addition, your energy and enthusiasm make listening to you a delight! You truly believe in what you are sharing, and you make it real for your audience as well. It was a pleasure to be a recipient of your energy! But these would not be sufficient without the true heart of the message itself: you have an important message for us to hear. In this overcrowded, hectic and complex world, people are experiencing overload and imbalance in our lives. This makes us less than effective as leaders, at a time when energetic and committed leaders have never been in more demand. That is the true gift you gave us to take from the mountain: to get into balance, to take care of ourselves, and to be recharged and recommitted to tilt at our daily windmills in a world in need of our work."


"We were especially impressed that you took the time to join us for most of our event, acquainting yourself with members of our team, and with your ability to incorporate our key leadership points into the message you delivered. Your address reinforced the important part each of our leaders plays in engaging and retaining our most valuable resource; our employees."


"On behalf of the NAHQ I want to thank you for your utterly fabulous keynote presentation at our 25th Anniversary Educational Conference in Dallas on September 19th. The feedback we received on the evaluations, as well as by word-of-mouth, about your session “Engaging the Spirit in the Workplace” was remarkable. We knew the audience (of about 1,000) loved you when immediately after your presentation, about 200 people lined up to purchase your book and have you autograph it. The session was lively, thought provoking, funny and inspiring. The way you personalized it for our group was clearly evident, and very much appreciated by the members. You really did your homework!"


"On behalf of the Clinical Leadership Team, we would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU for your excellent leadership and facilitation of our 2006 Global Clinical Symposium. Your energy and fresh ideas for the planning team, your themes around collaboration and connecting the human web, and your insight and expertise in facilitating a major global event have made this symposium an outstanding success and exceeded our expectations. We expect that the many global connections that have been started as a result of this symposium will help drive innovation and creativity in clinical research. You’ve been a pleasure to work with, and I hope our paths will cross again."


"On behalf of North American SABRE Sales & Service, thank you for your clever and colorful contributions as a guest speaker at our recent conference. Your message of how vitally important it is to manage the balance between our personal and professional lives was inspiring and motivating. The content was right on target. It was apparent that you took time to research our business; the successes and the challenges. Your positive attitude and personality attracted everyone’s attention. That coupled with your presentation skills got the corporate message, plans and goals across while providing the participants with real life examples of how to be more effective in time management—personally and professionally."


"All I can say is WOW! Your message, style, and pace for our Work/Life Balance Event were absolutely perfect! We truly needed an expert to educate and equip our large department on how to address this ongoing battle. Not only did your message make sense, but your Journey Work book gives us a tangible tool that enables us to take control of life's many choices. In the last two days I have received many positive emails and “hallway comments” related to the event. As a result we are considering another offsite for the group to complete our books, tackle some of the department issues that were identified during your session, and share success stories on how people are already implementing your material. Thanks again for all the work and preparation that went into making this event so successful. Your energy and optimism light up a room, and I truly look forward to working with you more in the future."


"There were great awakenings and engagement with the audience. You could tell, by people’s body language that they all seemed to be eating out of your hand. Everyone seemed to identify with what you were saying, and your integration of the ‘Microsofteze’ that you incorporated in such a short time was incredible!!!"


"Her presentation was insightful, engaging and most importantly made a lasting difference for our global leadership team. Within the short amount of time we had for her on the agenda she was able to give our team tools to use when dealing with organizational change. The leadership team is already adopting some of her language and tool that help identify ways of thinking that either support or impede change adoption. Feedback from the program was overwhelming positive and in fact the highest rating general session of our two and a half day meeting. It is rare that a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Eileen has done just that. We plan to use her again with our larger IT organization to reinforce the messages and methodologies she shared with the leadership team."


"I’ve come to the conclusion in my six years of working with you that if a meeting planner ever wants to look great in front of their company peers and clients—all that person needs to do is hire you. You make the job so easy! Your attention to detail during preparation for both our employee kick off meeting and general session, and willingness to be exceptional made CSUGA a success this year. I am so glad to have discovered you years ago, and even more thrilled to have the opportunity to bring your life changing message, talents and motivation into other lives. Simply put, you are phenomenal!"


"You are a natural with people and surely practice what you preach! Eileen, your caring and genuine interest in listening to the experiences everyone shared during your time with us in Atlanta, brought you closer to the Subway culture. Your dynamic general session followed by an eager group in your breakout earned you rave reviews in the surveys that followed. It was apparent that you spent the time to learn so much about our franchisees and how our system operates."


"On behalf of Ajilon, I would like to thank you for your participation in our Orlando Manager’s meeting. Your subject matter and presentation style were exactly what we were looking for! Having gone through a particularly difficult time, our managers needed a “lift”, encouragement and guidance to prepare for the New Year. Your presentation was right on target—the perfect combination of humor and constructive comments."


"Before too much time gets behind us, I wanted to pass on my appreciation for the outstanding job you did at our Annual Conference. Your enthusiasm and energy is contagious and your presentation left our leadership team with plenty to think about during the remaining days of the conference. Thanks for making yourself available on such short notice. It’s great when so many people want to take credit for selecting the speaker—You were a smashing success!"


Your presentations at the 28th Annual Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism were hits, and we want you to know how much we appreciate the time and effort you devoted to giving us such memorable presentations. We have heard nothing but favorable comments from the delegates and anticipate that your sessions will be highly rated when the conference evaluation forms are compiled. Thank you for going all out to make the opening general session, “Connecting the Human Web,” a high note that will be remembered by all who attended."


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