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From Breakdown Comes Buildup

After almost two years of sitting empty, the house next door is finally being torn down. But this is no ordinary teardown. I have been watching workmen carefully breakdown this house. Roof tiles are stacked in the backyard. Windows and frames have been carefully removed. Sinks, toilets, doors sit in the garage. Railings, front door, lumber, anything that can be reused is inventoried and stockpiled. The result: Habitat for Humanity will receive these materials. Thanks to the new owner’s foresight, he found a deconstruction company(501 3C) that is bringing cheers instead of jeers that normally accompanying the bulldozers, dust, hammers, and incessant dust, dirt and noise. There’ a resiliency lesson in this: often what looks like parts of our work or life is being ripped up, there are things to keep and use. Take with you friends you have made, lessons you have learned, skills that can be sharpened. Redesign your work or your life to fit the new you that is being built. Remember: from breakdown comes buildup!

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