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Getting Back on Schedule

One would think that with September behind us, all the scheduling for school events, business meetings, business trips, and project deadlines would be complete. Alas, work is never done and what we think was a manageable load becomes the creeping embers for potential burnout.

Consider these tips:

Set boundaries.

Thanks to digital mediums, email, smart phones and the like, electronic interruptions happen on top of one another. And it will continue unless you take control. Decide IN ADVANCE what takes priority and when you will deal with it. For example, set an auto responder that says you will answer email between 9 and 10am and again from 4-5pm. Never on the weekend unless it’s an emergency. You have to stick to your boundaries or offer a clear reason when it’s ok to over step them.

Build in a buffer zone.

Don’t plan tasks back to back. Give yourself a buffer. First, somehow tasks always take longer than you anticipate and, in that buffer you need time to refresh and recharge. For example, as soon as this post is written, I am going for a walk. I have a conference call this evening and I want my brain and body to be alert.

Know your limits.

If you are a morning person, then set up the harder tasks for the morning when you are fresh. If your body clock works the other way, get thru the easier tasks in the AM and save what is harder for the afternoon.

Honor your personal priorities.

No one will ever be on their death bed and exclaim “I wish I had worked more!” You want to live with no regrets and only real people will weep for your demise.

If you are stuck thinking out what “no regrets” means for you, read Sam Horn’s marvelous new book: Someday is not a Day of the Week.

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