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Burnout to Breakthrough


Burnout to Breakthrough

In May 2019, the World Health Organization declared burnout as a global occupational hazard with specific symptoms and warnings. Enter COVID 19 and an upside-down world. Burnout has become even stronger and insidious. Remote workforces, physical distancing, and dependency on virtual communication provide their own potential for burnout. This presentation affords a way to step back and identify what burnout is, how it is triggered, how to break out of dysfunctional patterns (both personal and within the organization), and how to breakthrough to cultivate resilience through four critical connection/energy points. 

A Most Requested Program

Participants will learn:

You’ll discover why “balance” is baloney and a better metaphor for moving through disruptive times. You’ll experience why Eileen has also been called a HOPE merchant, filling minds with positivity, laugh-ability and DO-ability.

"We were very excited that Eileen McDargh was available to speak at our all-employee meeting. From start to finish, she was full of energy and delivered just the right message and then some -- and with such candor, compassion and a sense of humor. Eileen has a way of making you feel like she’s known you all of your life. The event was a huge success! Eileen made a real connection with our group and her messages have continued to resonate around the office. I believe her core concepts and strategies will be revisited and refreshed for the long-term by our employees as important life tools. We would definitely recommend Eileen to other groups for speaking and consulting engagements."


Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

If you would like to schedule a call with Eileen to discuss working together please call or email her!

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