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Resiliency Report

Published monthly and when the mood strikes.

Update from Eileen

Pilgrims! Ok, maybe you have to read it again but that silly line always gave me a chuckle. However, I don’t feel much like laughing this month. I have an older friend in hospice, my face has been horribly burned by blue-light for pre-cancer spots, and our nation’s democracy teeters on life support.

When faced with situations like this, I think reframing and action are called for. Reframing is to ask myself what are other ways I can look at a situation. For my friend on hospice, reframing acknowledges that hospice is about comfort care. For action: because I believe no one should die alone (except if that’s their wish), I want to make sure I am available to come when needed.

As for my face, it looks horrid, hurts like #$%^T&. Reframing: I know that barring unforseen circumstances, my skin will recover and the pre-cancer spots should be gone. For action: I will do what is called for: apply vinegar and water compresses to my face. Apply tons of Vaseline, stay out of the sun, and wear heavy sunscreen.

When it comes to democracy, the reframing is to first celebrate that we can vote and hold an election—hopefully without violence. My action is to vote, to write postcards to voters to remind them of this precious honor, and to stay away from media that is inflammatory, negative, and demeaning to people of all races and gender persuasions.

I highly recommend the works of award-winning history professor from Boston College, Heather Cox Richardson. You’ll see her newest book referenced below.

I know, it’s a serious topic. But resilence requires an honest look at how we got here so we can grow in directions we want. Who better to teach us than an amazing history professor?

How About Some Good News?

How About Some Good News?

In an effort to make the next Census more accurate and equitable, the Office of Management and Budget announced the first changes to how the country categorizes race and ethnicity in nearly 30 years.

The EPA finalized the strongest ever greenhouse gas standards for heavy-duty vehicles to protect public health and address the climate crisis while keeping the American economy moving.

The S&P 500 had its strongest start to the year since 2019.

Yellowstone National Park has received an anonymous $40 million donation. The money is earmarked for improving existing housing and expanding housing for the park’s staff.

April showers bring May flowers. May flowers bring…

May 2023

The Science of Smiles: How Laughter Can Build Resilience and Improve Your Professional Life

The Science of Smiles: How Laughter Can Build Resilience and Improve Your Professional Life

Ever pondered why a genuine grin can turn a dull day into a delightful one? Well, buckle up for a joyride into the awesome science behind smiles and how they're secret weapons for turbocharging your resilience and supercharging your professional prowess!

Because I am a Modern Elder, These Resonate (somewhat)

Because I am a Modern Elder, These Resonate (somewhat)

  • I started out with nothing... I still have most of it.

  • When did my wild oats turn to prunes and All Bran?

  • I finally got my head together. Now my body is falling apart.

  • Funny, I don't remember being absent minded.

  • All reports are in. Life is now officially unfair.

  • If all is not lost, where is it?

  • It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.

  • If at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished.

  • Life is a symphony, not a sound byte.

Must Read Book!

Democracy Awakening: Notes on the State of America by Heather Cox Richardson

Unlike too many books by professors, acclaimed historian Cox Richardson weaves a coherent, easy-to-read and fascinating account of the tumultuous journey of American democracy. The “authoritarian experiment” brandished now can be traced back through the earliest days of the republic. She examines the historical forces that have led to the current political climate, showing how modern conservatism has preyed upon a disaffected population, weaponizing language and promoting false history to consolidate power. A MUST READ!!

Must Read Book!

Must Read Book!

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If you are looking for a unique keynote speaker in resiliency, a facilitator for executive retreats, a speech coach or an emcee/moderator, then you want to work with Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE. Eileen has spoken for audiences as large as 15,000 and facilitated groups as small as 18! She is the author of seven books and other products that you can find in her online store. The British Research firm of Global Gurus ranked her #4 among the top 30 communication gurus worldwide. Why not hire Eileen for your next event? 

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