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Gifts From The Mountain

Simple Truths for Life's Complexities

Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truths for Life’s Complexities is a Ben Franklin Gold Award winner.

Whether you are a world-weary worker juggling the demands of a hectic life or a seeker of soul-satisfying experiences, this deceptively simple book is your key to refresh, renew, rethink and recharge.

Inspired by the challenges of backpacking through the Sierras, I discover metaphors for understanding the mundane and the magnificent, the difficult and the delightful, the ordinary and the extraordinary in our 24/7 world. Join this walk in the wilderness to discover fresh perspectives, practical practices and laugh-out-loud-joy in the process.

You’ll find wisdom expressed in a beautiful, economical, easy-to-read-and-grasp fashion that helps your spirit soar and your mind expand. You’ll discover mountains about being, doing, living, and working. Simple truths for trekking through life await in this mountain university.

Price: $23.21 Shipping Included (US only)

If ordering multiple copies, please contact our office at 949-637-4233 for the best value.

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FREE Bonus—Conversation Firestarters:

To help you use this book as a way of engaging in deeper conversations, I’ve written three conversation fire-starters. One is for leaders. One is for coaches. And one is for companions.




Please let me know how you have used them and what questions you created on your own. You can write me at

Gift from the Mountain Video

Don’t just read the book! Come watch and learn six lessons from the world of backpacking. Join Eileen at 12,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains and become inspired.

The video also earned a coveted Silver Telly Award ! You can see a preview video and purchase here. Perfect for staff meetings, retreats, and workshops.

Gifts From The Mountain
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