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"Arrrgh. Do I even have the energy to get this book? Hmmm. Ideas 1 ­- 10… Hey, I’m feeling better already! Wow! Ideas 11 -50… Let’s get going! Yesssss! Ideas 51 -71.5… Bring it on world!!! I’m ready!!!!

Eileen has done it again. With perfect precision, keen insight and timeless commonsense, she has delivered the antidote to what ails us all. Get up and go get this book!"


Author of "Simplicity and Hacking Work"

"This book will revive your spirit from the inside out. Open it anywhere and follow the directions. You’ll be jolted back to life…"


Author of "Outsmart Your Brain and Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction."

"If you’ve ever met or worked with Eileen, you know it’s a little like apply- ing a live wire to your brain. Stuff twitches as a result. In a good way. This book is full of short and sweet tactics to keep your energy, focus and impact high. Some you know. Some you’ve forgotten.

And a bunch (say, #29, #16 and #60 as three starters) I bet you don’t…"


Author of "Do More Great Work"

"Every so often someone comes along who just seems to capture your own sentiments as if they were reading your mind. Eileen has always done this with all of her heartfelt writing and she does not disappoint in this book. Her personal stories, deep knowledge of literature, humorous quotes and authenticity all shine through. I believe it is impossible not to be moved and touched by her gift of this book."


Founder/CEO, Career Systems International, Co-author of "Love 'em or Lose 'em: Getting Good People to Stay"

My Get Up and Go… Got Up and Went

Simple Ways to Recharge Your Batteries and Renew Your Life!

  • Are you spending too much time looking for and reading self help books that don't work?

  • Are you exhausted before the day ends despite the loads of clothing that needs to be washed?

  • Do you dread going to work and then back home again?

My book can help.

At the end of the day it's all about ENERGY: YOUR energy. Consider this your pint-sized atomic recharger. And it's small because you don't have the time (or energy) to read through pages and pages. You want help: NOW! Some of the ideas are self-evident BUT we forget to practice them. Others are more thought-provoking because after all we're the ones who allowed the energy drain.

A perfect desktop or nightstand companion. A perfect gift for anyone in your life who seems to think tired is his or her middle name and balance is as impossible as riding a unicycle. Read and reap!

Price: $16.96 Includes Shipping (US Only).

If ordering multiple copies, please contact our office at 949-637-4233 for the best value.

Order Your Copy Today!

My Get Up and Go… Got Up and Went
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