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Your Resiliency GPS

A Guide for Growing Through Life and Work

Resiliency is NOT about pain. It is about possibility. Resiliency is NOT about adversity. It is about advantage.

Tired of being whiplashed by economic downturns? Concerned about downsizing, rightsizing, capsizing? Faced with a great opportunity yet worried you won't have the stamina to see it through? Trying to hold work and life together when some times one or both get the better of you?

  • You need a GPS (Growth Potential Strategy) and Recalculating Questions to revive and renew the spark of hope and optimism as you cultivate resiliency skills.

  • Discover four resiliency skills and when and how to use them.

  • Throw out the dictionary and learn a better definition of resilience

  • Find out what actions organizations take to create their own growth strategy!

If you purchase 250 books Eileen will conduct a free 30-minute webinar for your audience!  To take advantage of this offer please call our office at 949-637-4233 (cell).

Price: $20.15 Shipping Included (US Only).

If ordering multiple copies, please contact our office at 949-637-4233 for the best value.

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Your Resiliency GPS
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