The greatest renewable resource is human energy, the source of resiliency. Don’t BOUNCE back - grow forward. This is not about adversity but advantage. It is not about pain but possibility. Resiliency can be learned, cultivated, and practiced. And it can be done with vision, foresight, and joy.

Our Mission: Energize the life of work and the work of life through conversations that matter and connections that count.

"I believe any organization which decides to work with Eileen will be extremely pleased."
- P&G

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With Eileen You Will...

Move from burned out to fired up
Stop whining and start winning
Focus on solutions rather than problems
Laugh, learn and leverage talent.
AND, walk away committed to a purpose greater than just a bottom line.

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Keynote Speaker Client Cisco Executive Coach Client Novartis Business Consulting Client Protoctor and Gamble Emcee Moderator Client Saveway Keynote Speaker Client Kaiser PermanenteExecutive Coach Client Oracle Business Consulting Client Simmons CollegeEmcee Moderator Client Conagra Keynote Speaker Client National Association of Chain Drug StoresMaster Facilitator for California Association of RealtorsEmcee Moderator Client EWIBusiness Coach Client NIGP

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The Energizer Blog

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Simple Can Often Be Hard

By Eileen McDargh - Monday, November 20, 2017

There’s a wonderful Stephen Sondheim song, Anyone Can Whistle. It’s the title song from a musical of the same name. The words talk about how the singer can do difficult things—like read Greek, dance the tango, and slay a dragon. However, what is so simple for others is really hard for her: like whistling.The singer has to admit she needs help.  


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How to Handle the Cost of Compassion Fatigue

By Eileen McDargh - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hurricanes took huge tolls on families in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Fires swept through Northern California totally destroying 8,000 structures and taking 51 lives. My financial advisor and two clients lost everything. We discovered major electrical damage and potential fire in our house, resulting in a stunningly expensive need to rewire over two-thirds of our house. My best friend buried her husband of 64 years and within five months, also buried her 17 year-old grandson. Opioid addictions kill thousands and within a month after the massacre in Las Vegas, 300 more people in the U.S. are dead from guns.  


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THE ENERGIZING MOMENT: Part 5: The benefits when a leader surrenders.

By Eileen McDargh - Monday, November 13, 2017

Renowned leadership expert, Jim Kouzes, calls Bill Treasurer's newest book "one of the most unique and value books you will read all year." In this second interview, join me as I ask the founder of Giant Leap Consulting about a concept in his book A Leadership Kick in the Ass. This concept revolves around the courage it takes for a leaders to surrender!