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Burnout to Breakthrough Resources

Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience.

This page will include up-to-date resources to help you move from burnout to breakthrough.

Tired of being whiplashed by economic downturns? Concerned about downsizing, rightsizing, capsizing? Faced with a great opportunity yet worried you won't have the stamina to see it through? Trying to hold work and life together when some times one or both get the better of you? You need a GPS (Growth Potential Strategy) and Recalculating Questions to revive and renew the spark of hope and optimism as you cultivate resiliency skills. Discover four resiliency skills and when and how to use them. Throw out the dictionary and learn a better definition of resilience. Find out what actions organizations take to create their own growth strategy!

Your Resiliency GPS

This book is captivating and compelling in its writing and format. I met Hamza when we both addressed the student leaders of a major university. In fact, it was at his urging that I wrote my book. He has a great process for understanding burnout AND for turning the corner so you BURN BRIGHT in life. PS: Be graciously allowed himself to become one of my primary case studies too.

The Burnout Gamble

Amazing wisdom in this book for health care professionals. Practical and pertinent. And you’ll find a companion in Kathy Dempsey’s other book designed for those of us who are not in healthcare!

Shed or You're Dead

You would have to live a few hundred lifetimes to take the wisdom that Joe has distilled from insights that range from Roman generals to today's military. The enemy is YOWE: Your Own Worst Enemy. Let's face it: negativity is malicious, contagious and ultimately the destroyer of dreams. In clear-cut, memorable language, Joe helps us all understand and attack those internal voices that zap our resilience and courage.

Winning the War with Yourself

I have studied the field of resiliency for years and am always delighted when I find a new perspective. Becky has done just that. She has crafted a wise blend of both self-care and the care of others. Her thought-provoking questions gently guide the reader into new ways of thinking about "shock". One doesn't need "shock" to appreciate the value of comfort, control, community and connection. A great read.

After the Shock

Building resilience—the ability to bounce back more quickly and effectively—is an urgent social and economic issue. Our interconnected world is susceptible to sudden and dramatic shocks and stresses: a cyber-attack, a new strain of virus, a structural failure, a violent storm, a civil disturbance, an economic blow. Through an astonishing range of stories, Judith Rodin shows how people, organizations, businesses, communities, and cities have developed resilience in the face of otherwise catastrophic challenges.

The Resilience Dividend

If you’ve ever worked in an organization and heard yourself say, “no one ever listens to me” or “keep your head down and your mouth shut”, or “just follow the rules and it will be fine,” then this book will sing to your soul. Hurt & Dye have done a masterful job of dissecting what leaders do to stifle the voices and ideas that must be heard in this disruptive world. You’ll learn the value of clarity and curiosity, how FOSU (fear of speaking up) holds back ideas, processes and systems that can help an organization survive and thrive. Get a copy for everyone in management and then: start!

Courages Cultures

Leadership demands courage. You have to make good decisions while balancing inevitable tensions and knowing when to take risks. You need to keep your values in sight, regardless of the pressures around you. At its core, leadership is a daily, ongoing practice, a journey toward becoming your best self and inviting others to do the same. And that’s where The Courage Way comes in. It’s a guide to leadership that shows how to access and draw upon courage in all that you do.

The Courage Way

The Amare Wave is about making business better by putting love, or “amare,” to work. It repositions business as a powerful force for good, and shows a different way to prosper, based in the power of love. Deeply grounded in behavioral science and various wisdom traditions, The Amare Wave shows precisely why and how to champion a love-centered paradigm. Through the seven timeless principles of the Amare Way philosophy, the ABCs of the Amare Way practice — authenticity, belonging, and collaboration — and numerous stories, reflective activities, and concrete action steps, people will emerge with the courage and know-how to transform themselves, and grow their company into its best.

The Amare Wave

"Coaches rely far too much on asking open-ended questions," says Marcia Reynolds. But questions only seek answers--inquiry provides insight. When, instead of just questions, clients hear their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs spoken by someone else, it prompts them to critically consider how their thinking affects their goals. Reynolds cites the latest brain science to show why reflective inquiry works and provides techniques, tips, and structures for creating breakthrough conversations.

Coach the Person

TalentTalk interviews Eileen and Lynn Schmidt on the importance of resilient leaders.

The Business Power Hour® with Deb Krier interviewed Eileen.

HR Leaders podcast featured Eileen talking on the topic of “Resiliency is NOT about pain. It's about Possibility”.

Fit For Joy interviewed Eileen on their podcast.



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