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Beyond Four Walls—Outer Living for Inner Life

In our frantic, 24/7 world we often become consumed with our work. We border our lives by the four walls of an office, a home, and even that metallic case we call a car. Ugh—commuting! To refresh our souls, our inner spirits need air and color and peace.  I look to the  outdoors.  Just the trickle of water in a fountain as I sit in my cushioned chair brings a sense of calm.

There’s my Kwan Yin statue which looks down at the pansies and the petunias. Her very aura reminds me to breathe. And what about you? Is there room for a gazebo that can let your family picnic outside? Or perhaps a garden swing that just melts away the tension of too much too fast?  Can you open the door of your living room, your art studio, your home office and invite in the smells of rich soil, sweet alyssum, and spicy marigolds? It beats a spray can of air freshener any day.

Or perhaps, you might consider gifting someone with an “outdoor” item to support their inner life. My precious friend is battling MS. Her great joy is the garden her children planted. From her picture window, she sees color and green designed to bloom in every season. She tells me that the wind chimes  I sent hang in an arbor and just bring music to her soul.  So little I can do for her. But what a lot it means. It’s time. Move beyond four walls. You’ll be glad you did.

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