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Can We Reclaim an Altered Universe?

I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, finding my heart incredibly sad and my head spinning. What’s going on with me? Something is very disconcerting and anxiety producing.

It took an article written by my colleague and soul sister, Marilyn Semonick, to pinpoint the issue. As I read her weekly post, Wednesday Wisdom, I understood what was horribly wrong. My Universe has been altered. The nation that gave birth to a unique form of government, to the rule of law, to civil discourse, to a statue that welcomed the “poor, tired, and huddled masses” is rapidly vanishing before my eyes.

With Marilyn’s permission, I offer her thoughts.

Wednesday Wisdom

This week, seething with disgust, frustration, befuddlement, and anger watching non-stop tortuous political rhetoric, I was reminded of Maya Angelou’s words:

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world but has not solved one yet.

Our national culture is in trouble, big trouble. We’ve moved beyond division into plans to kidnap, try, and execute Governors and yelling “lock her up” at rallies. We’ve moved beneath dignity by reckless and dangerous attacks of our generals, department heads, departments, and services of our once honored US government. We’ve moved to new lows, calling the free press “the enemy of the people.” We’ve moved away from facts and science and criticize our world respected scientists like Dr. Fauci despite their lifetime commitment to public health and their work to keep us alive through a pandemic.

When our leaders cannot use behaviors that represent our culture as decent, noble, and collaborative, we must, with specific intent, treat each other with decency, honor and respect, demonstrating the true nature of the character of our nation.

Please, be kind and respectful. Be thoughtful and articulate about differences. Debate with civility and be open to listening and learning.  Please, for the sake of our nation, be the change, NOW!

Thanks, Marilyn. Short. Strong. And to the point. We must be the change! Now. Please help right this Universe.

You can contact Marilyn at

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