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Customer Service Horror Stories at United Airlines

“Please continue to hold. A baggage agent will be with you shortly.” Stop already!!!! I am tired of listening to Rhapsody in Blue. I want a human being. And I do NOT want baggage claim. I am trying to find my glasses left in a “United Club” yesterday. Forget it. I have gotten through 2 hours of on-hold with what had been the “Red Carpet Club”, then sent to busy signals at San Fran Airport and now, I am told lost-and-found is my answer.  Alas, this number I am given goes NOT to lost-and-found but Baggage Claim.

AAAARGH. I do not want to talk to Avatar Alex!!!! I am so angry I could do serious damage to another human being. My husband better lay low. How can so many people have so many pieces of wrong information? At one time, I had close to one million miles on United. Not any more. They cancelled so many flights from Orange Coast to the East Coast I could no longer use them. Now, their fares are so much higher than other carriers, I can’t ask my clients to pay for it.

This last insult is not being able to speak to a human being. Is this what mergers mean? Oh yes, they changed my Mileage Plus number that I have probably held for 20 years into some numerical/alpha thing . They have NOT sent out anything such as a card to remember this new “number “. Another stanza of Rhapsody in Blue. Saints preserve us!!! If you are as angry as I am about not getting to the right people, in a timely manner, and with companies (carriers) who haven’t figured out how to matter to their clients, WRITE!!! Can we start a ground swell.???? !!!!!!!!!

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