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Do you percolate or procrastinate? Resilient people know the difference.

Do you percolate or procrastinate?

It’s a question I started asking myself every time I realized I had not written an article, a blog post, or a Tweet. After all – without putting material in the social media pipeline, how are we to get noticed? How am I suppose to growing my business if I am not “out there” all the time?

Procrastinate means to put off something that is either too difficult, too boring, too onerous.

Percolate, however, means to simmer, to stew in one’s juice until the “thought coffee” is ready to be poured.

I’d like to think I do the latter.

I don’t hesitate to write. I hesitate to put something out into the digital universe if it does not educate, inform, or entertain in a meaningful way. I read posts on Facebook and marvel that people think we actually care about the picture of dessert or the emotional state of the dog. I don’t believe there’s value in tweeting about the agonies of airplane travel, the standing ovation one received, or the five star sleeping accommodations.

What I’d really love to know, from my readers, is what provides THE MOST value to you? What do you want to read about? What in my universe has relevance and holds interest to you. If I knew that, I could brew up a pot that WOULD be worth “drinking”

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