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Don’t Just Be An Issue Spotter. Be A Problem Solver.

Plenty of issues abound:

from how to keep a business open to how to stay safe;

from how to engage employees to how to win customers back;

from how to restore faith in a nation to how to teach remote;

from how to … you can fill in the blanks.

Yep—plenty of issues. But here’s the deal. Issue spotters are plentiful. You can recognize them because they point out what's wrong, complain about what others are doing, and then walk away. If you ask for ideas, they shrug and say, “Not my job.”


We all must become problem solvers. Every one of us owns some small part in fixing our sphere of influence, our corner of the universe. Yes, I am not going to solve the climate crisis BUT I can ask myself “what part of the problem can I solve? What part can I influence?” There is ALWAYS something I can do. In the area of climate change, I chose a hybrid car. I walk where I can. I recycle as much as possible. I elect people who believe in science. You get the idea.

What is one problem you have spotted? How many ways can you do something to begin to “solve” that problem? Break it down to its smallest part. Somewhere, if it is REALLY a problem, there is always something you can do. Small steps always matter!

For example, right now in the U.S., we have a significant problem with being incredibly divided and angry. In how many ways can I reach out to my neighbors and teammates? How might I check in with someone who feels alone or alienated? I don’t have to agree but listening goes a long way toward breaking down walls. Remember, a hallmark of resiliency is adaptability-- finding multiple ways to respond to a situation. I might not like all my potential solutions, but I can find something.

Remember, Henry Ford was right when he said, “Don't find fault. Find a remedy.”

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