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Every Day A Gift

Sounds like a platitude, right? Trust me, it’s not.

Read Senator Tammy Duckworth’s memoir of the same title and you will be awestruck by the courage, tenacity, and unbelievable resilience of this amazing woman.

I normally would not write a blog post about a book, but this is not something that can be highlighted in a simple review.

I stepped into her life and learned about challenge of being biracial, the desperate search for food amid poverty, and the grit to rise above circumstances.

My heart raced as I followed her determination to be the best soldier and fly Black Hawk helicopters in the Middle East.

I cried in horror when she and her crew were shot down and she totally lost one leg, the majority of the other and suffered a mangled arm.

I became angry at a senseless war and how Walter Reed Hospital was not prepared for the steady influx of critically wounded soldiers. I was disgusted at the steady parade of politicians who came to Walter Reed for photo ops and had NO idea about what it means to be soldier.

I cheered Senator Dick Durbin’s tenacity to help Tammy and influence her to move beyond a harrowing 13-month recovery into another form of serving our country.

I totally concur with the words of Admiral William H. McRaven, (U.S. Navy Ret.) This book is “raw, unfiltered, powerful—a compelling story of courage and determination against overwhelming odds… a true warrior who overcame a difficult upbringing, a glass ceiling, and a horrific helicopter shoot-down to become one of the most respected senators on Capitol Hill.”

Read her story. Weep. Then leave with a deeper understanding of resiliency and truth to power.

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