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Family Matters: Celebrate April 10!!!

Family Matters: Celebrate April 10!!!

My voice caught and the tears came to my eyes as I told the interviewer, “I don’t know what I would do without my brother and sister. We joined hands and helped each other get through the last six years of Mom’s life.”

The interview was today. It prompted this post because April 10 is National Sibling Day, a day initiated by Claudia A. Evart after the tragic deaths of her brother and sister. Twenty-two state governors have issued proclamations for this celebration and President Bill Clinton endorsed it.

My twin John, and baby sister Susan have been joined at my hip since the get-go. Oh sure, there were the childhood arguments but actually quite infrequent. Last week I told an audience that my first venture into leadership came at the age of 8 when I jumped on a playground bully’s back and started pummeling him so he’d leave my brother alone.

We have always had each other’s backs.What about you?

I hear too many stories of siblings who refuse to speak to each other. Tragic and unnecessary. The past is… passed. If you fall in this category, remember that holding on to anger is like drinking poison, hoping the rat will die. What might you do this week, even a small gesture, to seek reconciliation?

And if you don’t have a BLOOD sibling, brothers and sisters can abound in your circle of friends. I even call some of my special friends my “soul sisters” and we too, have each others’ backs.Celebrate those special relationships this week. A support network is essential for resiliency, too.

Remember, as the songwriter said, "One is the loneliest number you ever knew."  Now go hug all those siblings—both chosen and birthed!

I love you John and Susan!

 John, Susan and Eileen
John, Susan and Eileen

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