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For COVID-19, The Timing Couldn’t be Better

Fourteen of my colleagues in the resiliency arena (plus me) bring you a wide variety of strategies to survive and (yes) THRIVE in this current lock down world. In one-on-one interviews with Marty Wilson, you’ll hear:

Julie Lewis—widowed at 33 and later a mountain climbing expert-. Adventure teaches what’s really important Daniel Murray—how leaders can practice and use “strategic” empathy to move through crisis Karyn Buxman— a master in the craft of using humor to build resilience and immunity Chris Helder—where resilience and success go hand-in-hand Stacey Copas—the power of life-changing events as a place for amazing growth Diane Sieg- time to abandon unrealistic expectations and reclaim your life Julie Cross—the power of failure to build your resilience muscle Graeme Cowan—how to find the “one thing” that resets your mood Beverly Beuermann-King—discover the rhythm to life to cancel overwork. Martina Jewell—lead under extreme pressure with small wins and momentum Kristin Neff—learn the transformative power of self-compassion Jerome Wade— how to deal with work stress and executive fatigue Catherine DeVrye—the power of hope and help to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones John Hotowka—how leap-frog problem solving drains resilience and how to flip it around Eileen McDargh—how leaders help others become heroes of their story, building internal resilience

Collectively, you’re looking at a minimum of $150,000 worth of talent. But, not only do you get us all for a total of $197—but nominate someone else and they get the Summit for FREE!

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