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Forget Resolutions: Try Intentions

My annual practice on New Year’s has been to set up goals for the coming 365 days. Sometimes it includes large vision boards. You know the drill: specifics about projects, weight loss, trips to take, how much income to make (if you are a consultant like I am), etc.

2021 Resolutions

But for 2021, making any type of specific plans in this incredible time of uncertainty seems—well—uncertain.

My sense is that what I am called to do now is to create intentions instead. An intention is a general statement without any specifics about how to do it, what it would look, and where it would be. In short, my intentions are to remain open, awake, and ready for whatever might present itself as a possibility to grow (a hallmark of resilience) and learn.

Here is my intention:

To embrace joy and move outward as I craft an ACT III of love, laughter, contribution and prosperity. In short, to play bigger in a world of possibilities for a world of difference.

What does it actually look like? I have no idea. But I am open. This is what I do know:

I believe that inspiring people to unleash the energy that brings their best selves forward is my calling in life. How I do this is by offering a better way to craft work and life by design and not default. What I bring is a simple way to build resilience, inspire hope, and find joy in the process.

I also believe that as this year unfolds, there are three personal characteristics that invite me to expand: courage, patience and gratitude.

I invite you to think about your intentions and what personal characteristics you wish to develop. Let me know how I can support you on the journey.

Oh yes, here’s also another intention for all of us. It is a name that the ancient Cochimi Indians gave to an albino whale that came to San Ignacio Lagoon in the southern Baja peninsula: Kuyima. It means “light in the darkness”. That’s a task for all of us to embrace for 2021!

I am eager to hear from you!

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