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Grateful for Simple Wonders

Wind and rain came through last night, pummeling the garden that I had just cleaned of debris and planted new growth for the winter. Today in Southern California, along the coastline, smog is cleared out and it's been an incredible crystal-clear day. Now as sunset approaches, I sit in the back yard, wrapped in a sweatshirt, fire pit and electric heater on. What a glorious sight! Beyond indigo sky, Catalina Island is a black dragon on the horizon. San Clemente Island, which normally stays hidden, is a mini dragon. And to the north, the Palos Verdes Peninsula rises from the sea. Even the oil rigs are clearly dotting the horizon. If I could stand on my roof, I could look east and see mountain ranges rising behind me. The sun is turned them brown orange. And a few actually have white dusting of snow. I believe tonight we will get a green flash when the sun sinks. I feel so grateful to be able to observe this wonder of nature.  Simple observations bring joy. What will you look for today?

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