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High Sierra Pause; Insights for Tough Times

High Sierra Pause; Insights for Tough Times

Just returned from a week above 10,500 feet: sleeping under the stars and clouds, battling mosquitoes and temps down to 25 degrees at night, plus gorgeous vistas and wildflowers.

This year, while I wanted to go, I felt tremendously pressured by the economy and pending work NOT to go. After all it would be 7 days without cell phone and email. What if someone needed me?

Alas, no one did. Or let me reframe that—people figured out “stuff” on their own. In the meantime, I figured out “stuff” that might very well help me cope with the current times:

  • No one should travel alone. In today’s crazy world, we NEED other people to share the decisions, the sights, the laughter, and the burdens. Who travels with you? Who has your back when the going gets rough?

  • Don’t push the river. We crossed many a cold, rushing river this trip. I am not adept at standing upright and hopping across boulders that fit legs far longer than mine. The very force of the water intimidates me. But it is what it is. How often do I want something to be other than what it is? I push against reality instead of just accepting and leaning into it.

  • Surrender to the now. How easy it was to suddenly find myself thinking about the work that had to be done when I returned. Every time my mind went there, I mentally pulled myself back. I realized I could do nothing about anything until I returned. NOW was all I could deal with. Great lesson to carry with me back at the base camp I call my office.

And so... on your vacation, what lessons will you learn?

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