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Humor, Hope, and Higher Power Fuel Resiliency

Little did 24 year-old Aimee Copeland know that a playful day in nature with friends would turn tragic when a homemade zip line failed and she fell.  That set the stage for the necrotizing fasciitis that led to amputations and the failure of her five major organs. I have been following her story and reading the blog her dad, Andy, posts on the website they created for this gorgeous young woman. Until the accident, Aimee was in grad school, studying humanistic psychology with a focus on eco-psychology at the University of West Georgia. Imagine losing a leg, a foot and both hands!  The pain from this flesh-eating bacteria fires pain through the body.  And yet, when you read about Aimee, she is the soul of determination and grit. Andy calls the 59 days in the hospital, “Blessed”, and his writing underscores a strong trust in the power of a loving God and a trust in the goodness of so many people who pour out support for the family. This photo is Aimee’s Mom, putting on makeup for leaving the hospital and going into rehab. Read Andy’s blog and you’ll see how both father and daughter use laughter and a wry sense of humor to describe the pain of rehab. Aimee’s next phase of life will test her resilient spirit and that of everyone around her. You’ll see the outpouring of financial, medical, material and spiritual help when you visit her web site. Here’s the deal. Aimee is news now. There will also come a time when fatigue sets in. Caregivers become weary, supporters feel stretched thin, and Aimee will hit plateaus. Mark your calendars. Go visit her website every other month so you stay fresh, interested, and can voice support. If so inclined, there are ways to contribute: everything blood donations to money. Joining hands helps us all be resilient!

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