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Is It Too late For California To Be Resilient?

Denial is NOT a river in Egypt. It is a precursor to potential events that can force an individual (or the state with the greatest population) into crisis mode. I’ve seen it in businesses: Remember the glory days of Howard Johnson?  Kodak?  I have seen it in individuals: My heavy-smoker friend who died of lung cancer.  The homeowner who rebuilt her house for the 21st time in the exact location where 20 storms of previous years had destroy it.  And now— it is happening in my own state of California. Here was today’s front page news: Makes me want to slap my forehead and say “duh!”  All of us, including government officials) need to practice PRESILIENCE — preventive resilience. Think of this like preventive maintenance.  Reality of our situation is not a fantasy of “maybe” but rather “when”.   We must take action today and not when it’s too late. Multiple options, actions, scenario planning, and mandatory conservation are needed NOW in my state.  Heck, my house guests follow our “toilet rule” when it comes to flushing. We ask that showers be limited to four minutes. We ask that water not be left running while teeth are being brushed. And yes, we did take up our grass and replace it with artificial turf. Same thing happens in our lives.  You KNOW what you are ignoring. What presilience plans do you need to make today so you’ll be ready tomorrow?

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