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Overwhelmed By the Hatred and Division? Look For Kindness.

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Regardless of where you turn, the hate speech and horrid news is overwhelming!

I found myself spiraling down to depression and sometimes despair. That’s NOT what a motivational speaker and leadership coach is “supposed” to do.

And then—random kindness appeared all in the space of two hours.

Random Acts of Kindness

Robyn, a framing clerk from Hobby Lobby, kept finding ways to reduce the cost of a poster I wanted to hang in our bedroom. With a warm smile and generous spirit, what had been almost $100 was reduced to $42.

Next, I needed to ship cakes I had baked to a friend in Minnesota celebrating 40 years in business but all I had was a too-big shoe box. My stop at a post office found the right box but how would I seal it? An elderly woman was standing taping her package. She looked at me and handed me her tape.

“I just bought this, but you can have it,” she said passing over the sticky tape.

I offered to buy it but she said, “No, just pay it forward.”

Then a postal clerk came from behind the counter, helped me tape the box, and returned with a label for the address.

Lastly, an elderly gentleman saw my now-useless shoebox and asked if he could have it.

“Of course,” I said grinning.

I left smiling. Kindness was extended to me.

Little Things Can Mean a Lot

My turn now. I might not have ways to reduce the price of picture framing or help tape a box but I can smile, pet dogs, carry someone’s groceries, and listen to the tale of a lonely widow. Little things. Then again, little things mean much.

What kindness have you witnessed lately?

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