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The second time is a charm! Sorry for Techno glitch, but Perspective Is Priceless

Destroyed Beach House

The living room carpet squished beneath my bare feet.

“Bill, come quick. We have a slab leak!”

Having experienced this 11 years ago, I knew some of the drama that would ensue. Leak detection truck. Environmental team looking for lead and asbestos. Dry wall punctured in the walls, mirrors taken down, carpet ripped up and heavy-duty industrial fans grinding the air in headache proportions.

I canceled virtual programs and halted possible trips. What would insurance pay? When might this nightmare end?


Ahhhh, yes. We do have a roof over our head. No one is missing. And despite living in California earthquake territory, it is nothing—nothing at all—compared to the tragedy playing out in Syria and Turkey.

I’m ashamed my initial “woe-is-me” internal voice blathered first. In fact, I want to atone for my selfishness. Charity Navigator guides me to the best agencies serving this humanitarian disaster.

Perspective. What an eye-opener.

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