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Resiliency Requires Viewing Points

Resiliency Requires Viewing Points

Seeing the world in only one direction limits our options. I viewed the film The Reunited States and was so taken by the honesty and courage it portrayed, I wrote a review. This is the letter I received back from the film’s director:

In the United States, we tell proud stories of getting it done by ourselves, on our own. But the truth is, we also need each other. We are stronger together. And last week's disaster in Texas brings that home. Millions of people lost power in the face of bitter cold. Many survived because neighbors opened their homes or shared food. A young woman in Austin helped her elderly neighbor, taking her to stay in a warm place. Churches and convention centers became warming centers. Imagine if every day we had the kind of connection with our family and neighbors that we had this week. That we have during every natural disaster, when the basic goodness of human beings re-emerges. What can we do to foster that awareness of connection in our lives? One powerful tool we can use is to watch The Reunited States and discuss what comes up with family and friends. We can extend that into a practice of engaging in conversations with folks who disagree with us. Here’s where you can find the film. But don’t take our word for it. Look at what the world is saying from our first week in release in the video below. We are honored and humbled to see the film connecting with the hearts of so many people. If you want to feel hopeful and inspired about the state of our country, we encourage you to watch the film with friends or family to recognize our own role in how we move forward together. And, if you do watch and are moved by the film, please review The Reunited States on Amazon. You'll help its message expand and reach more folks. Together we can change this country, one conversation at a time. Sincerely, Ben

Director Ben Rekhi & The Reunited States Impact Team

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