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Seattle University Wins A Student-Maybe

My first-born granddaughter will make her decision about what college to enter by May. She has offers from six. All good schools. All pretty much the same.

The school that will be the most resilient is the one that stands out. Ah, but Seattle University did something that warmed the cockles of ALL of our hearts. With her acceptance letter came a handwritten note from an admissions officer. The officer wrote to Alicia about what was particularly compelling in the essay she had to write with the submission. Talk about personalized attention. And it did not stop there. Last week, Alicia received a poster from the university with one of her sentences printed ON THE POSTER!!!!! Does Alicia feel wanted? Cared about? Listened to? You bet. In the age of twitter characters and emoticons, this human touch is a wonderful differentiator. Yes, it will finally comedown to the financial packages offered by the six schools, but for now--Seattle has risen to the top of Alicia's short list. How can we apply this in our businesses... with our potential and current customers or client. Something to think about.

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