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Sustainability Serves a Student


April 22 – Earth Day-- has come and gone. But for those of us committed to saving a planet, the work is never over. And for my GRANDdaughter, Clare, her commitment extends way beyond a recently completed degree in Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science and Policy.

It’s one thing to get a degree. It’s another thing to REALLY live it. And Clare is. She’s been writing a blog, Simply Sustainable, that offers so much first-hand information and her personal research: about how to get rid of plastic, where to find shampoo for glass bottles, how to buy products that also promote social justice! She’s found a job with a national nursery company and this week, she moved into her first apartment – a minimalist apartment.

“I only brought from home what I absolutely needed,” exclaimed Clare as we Face-timed a walk through her tiny apartment. She brought in the bumble bee salt-and pepper shakers we gave her and two cookbooks. She has Nature Conservancy magazines from my sister, and cooking utensils from my daughter. I’m thinking there are probably only two sets of sheets and towels because, after all, you clean one set and use the other.

She proudly showed us the chair she found at Goodwill and a desk from a nearby thrift shop. She cautioned us that she wants nothing for her upcoming 23rd birthday. She explained, “How can I live a sustainable life if I am surrounded by stuff?”

Good question. Stuff surrounds me. Lots of stuff. Too many sets of dishes. Too many clothes. Too many purses. Heck- jeans, bunny slippers and a decent shirt work just fine in this virtual world.

You get the idea.

Now It’s my turn to be guided by my sustainable GRANDdaughter. Let me hear your thoughts!

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