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The Gift of Sight Beats a Plaque

African woman slowly disappearing
If her sight disappears, so does she.

I just finished presenting a closing keynote for about 350 health care professionals from across the United States. A fabulous group of dedicated nurses, doctors and allied professionals were gathered for the 21st Annual Healthcare Services Excellence Conference.

To talk about Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to these folks in the face of the past 20 months of Covid was both intimidating and a privilege. We laughed, cried, and together discovered tools for surviving and thriving.

The conference organizer, Custom Learning Systems from Calgary, Canada, demonstrated the most meaningful speaker gift. To honor my presentation, I was given a small folder which said, “we have funded a surgical restoration for one individual—36-year-old Jacob—through the efforts of Operation Eyesight.”

I cried. So, listen up anyone who wants to say thank-you. None of us need a plaque, a trophy or a piece of paper. Give a gift that changes someone’s life. Now that’s a treasure beyond measure.

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